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Our Testimony

Since 2005

Our church was started in the garage of Pastor Mike Elliotts home with the sole purpose of preaching the word of God, edifying the saints, and evangelizing the lost. As we have grown we have had to purchase a building and permanent location. The Lord has provided the need each step of the way. Pastor Mikes desire has always been that every man, woman and child has a solid understanding of Gods holy word and develops a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ that will last throughout their lives. Our outreach to the community has also grown as our members establish a closer walk with their Savior. We have established a Nursing Home Ministry and Jail Ministry, and actively evangelize our community by local door to door visitation and Street Evangelism. Our Youth Program is growing and we endeavor to help our young people develop a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and show them the importance of being a strong testimony for our Lord. We have many events that occur with the youth throughout the year and even host our Anchor Baptist Youth Camp in the Summer to let the young people get away for a week to draw closer to the Lord and develop lifelong relationships with like-minded believers from other churches. We still sing the old fashioned God-honoring hymns that have touched so many people down through time and we believe that the Bible is inspired and is perfectly preserved in the King James Bible and is the final authority on all matters. We would personally like to invite you to visit our church and give us an opportunity to answer any questions you might have concerning what we believe.

Pastor Mike Elliott

Leading Our Prayers

Pastor James M. Elliott was born in 1957 in Marion County, KY. His family then moved to Louisville, Kentucky where he lived until he was twenty-two. He was not raised by Christian parents and as a result ended up running the streets of Louisville, Kentucky. His father was an alcoholic and his mother tried to do the best she could but he was left to his own. At 18 years old he started to realize that there had to be more to life than alcohol and drugs and he tried to clean his life up by himself. He was twenty-two working two jobs and still had no peace within. While cleaning out the attic of his house he found a little white bible and was wondering how it ever got into his attic. Curiosity finally got the best of him and he started reading that bible. One night in the summer of 1980 he went into his backyard looked into the sky and yell into it and said: If you are up there show me. He did and the Bible came to life and through a series of events in August 1980 about 2 A.M in the morning He trusted Jesus Christ as his Saviour. His childhood dream was to become a sailor and with no direction, in his life other than the bible he joined the United States Navy and was on his way to Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Illinois. The Lord used this time in the Navy to help him grow and prepare him for what was ahead. In July 1989 he met Bethany and on December the 28th, 1989 they were married. Together they enjoy the five children the Lord has given them. The Lord led him to go to Bible College and in 1990 he attended Pensacola Bible Institute where he earned his Bachelor of Divinity Degree. He left the Navy in 1994 and moved to Dayton, Ohio. Many people he came to know over the years asked him to start a church and in August 2005 he started Anchor Baptist Church in the garage of his home. Within two years Anchor Baptist Church had its own building and has been growing ever since.
Pastors note…

My desire at Anchor Baptist Church is to see Men, Women, and Children come to know the saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and then disciple them into having a closer walk with Him through the Word of God. Visitors are always welcomed to come and hear the Word of God taught and preached and I will make the time to sit down and talk with you.